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Bennett C. Jones Award
2011 Recipient: Keith Keppel

The 2011 Bennett C. Jones Award for Outstanding Median Hybridizing was presented to Keith Keppel of Salem, Oregon in recognition of his many and various contributions to median irises over the years.

Keith Keppel began his hybridizing career in 1954 and has introduced 365 irises through 2010.Of those, 111 are medians including 49 IBs, 44 SDBs, 17 BBs and one MTB. By median category his awards are without overall peer. SDB: 30 HMs, 10 AMs, one Cook-Douglas Medal – ‘Music’ in 2007. IB: 34 HMs, 10 AMs, two Sass Medals – ‘Protocol’ in 2002 and ‘Ruby Slippers’ in 2010. BB: 14 HMs, 12 AMs, six Knowlton Medals – ‘Embroidery’ in 1977, ‘Eye Candy’ in 2010, ‘Peccadillo’ in 1989, ‘Petite Ballet’ in 1999,’Picayune’ in 1982, and, ‘Shenanigan’ in 1991. His only MTB, ;‘Persona’ from Signa seed, and two MDBs, have all won HMs, with ‘Fission Chips’ winning AM status and being 1st runnerup for the 2010 Caparne-Welch Medal. Everyone knows of his TB hybridizing with three Dykes Medals to his credit.

His honorary awards are almost too numerous to enumerate but include the AIS Hybridizers Medal. Keith provided information support for the 50th Anniversary History Edition of The Medianite Spring 2007 and researched and wrote the detailed article therein on Benjamin Ross Hager. That was no easy task. Keith has taught judges’ training classes all over the United States, and has always been an information resource for anyone who asked.
We’re grateful, Keith, for the beautiful irises you’ve given us over the years and the pleasure they’ve brought us.

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