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In 2011, the Median Iris Society began a new endeavor...a seed exchange! It worked so well that we have continued doing it, collecting and distributing seeds from members who are hybridizing irises all types of median irises...SDBs, IBs, MTBs, BBs, arilbred-medians, and median species or species crosses.

We have a new seed sale chair, Dr. Kimberly Rieniets, who has reorganized our seed sale & donation program.

A LIST OF AVAILABLE SEEDS and full ordering and donation instructions is available here.

HOW TO ORDER: To order, send an email to KimRieniets@gmail.com. Include your name and full shipping address. Please order by item description. Unless otherwise noted, 1 packet of each item is available. When I receive your order, I will contact you to confirm the availability of your seeds and make payment arrangements. Seeds are $2 per 10-seed packet plus $10 shipping and handling for US orders (or $30 for orders to Canada). NOTE: minimum order is 3 items. One packet of 100 open pollinated/unknown parentage seeds are included as a free with purchase item in every order.


Send seed donations to:
MIS Seed Exchange
Dr. Kimberly Rieniets
6590 W 11th Avenue
Lakewood CO 80214

  • ALL SEEDS: Seeds of any median iris or median iris cross are welcome. All crosses made on or with medians of any type are welcome and appreciated. Hand-pollinated (HP), bee-pollinated (BP) or self-pollinated (SP) are all appreciated. All seeds are requested. Be sure seeds are fully dry before packing!

  • HAND-POLLINATED CROSSES: PLEASE try to hand-pollinate irises in your garden that could possibly yield medians, either by using two clones that should yield medians or by selfing. Use the appropriate abbreviations - Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB), Intermediate Bearded (IB), Miniature Tall Bearded (MTB), Border Bearded (BB) or Arilbred Median (ABM) after the name or other identification.

  • BEE-POLLINATED: These will be seeds from a specific class of medians; please include the name/designation of the pod parent and the appropriate class abbreviation (SDB, IB, MTB, BB, ABM).

  • QUANTITY: 100 to 1000 seeds is ideal, but any number is welcome. Even if you only have a small number of seeds, please do send them.

  • PACKAGING: Small paper envelopes are the preferred method for packaging seed. Please do not use film canisters small boxes, plastic envelopes, etc., as they are difficult to organize and can promote spoilage.

  • LABELING: Mark each envelope clearly and legibly. If the cross involves a named cultivar, please provide the name and class to which it belongs. If a parent is unnamed, please provide the seedling number or other identification. If the cross is from a hand pollination, mark it HP; if from a bee pollination or unknown, mark it BP; if from a self cross, mark it SP. Be sure to include your full name, address and email inside the mailing package for the seeds.

  • ESTIMATED SEED COUNT: PLEASE put an estimated seed count on every packet. If you can put the seeds in small coin envelopes, in small lots of 5-10 seeds per envelope, that would be a great help! However, if you want to send each cross in a larger envelope, especially if there is a large amount of seed, that's fine as well.

  • DATES: If you have seeds to donate for the MIS Seed Exchange, plase send them as soon as they are dry.


    Inside mailing package if I were sending in seeds:

    Dr. Kimberly Rieniets
    6590 W 11th Avenue
    Lakewood CO 80214

    On each seed packet:
    N=55 Seeds
    HP Lady Emma MTB x Bottled Sunshine IB


    N=10 Seeds
    BP Concertina IB x unknown

(NOTE: If you have seeds of non-median bearded or beardless Iris species, please send these to the SIGNA Seed Exchange. Please check http://www.signa.org/index.pl?SeedXchg for details. If you have seeds likely to produce MDBs (minature dwarf bearded iris) please email seedsale@dwarfirissociety.org or see https://www.dwarfirissociety.org/seedsale.html.)